Purchase of Property

It’s always exciting when buying a new property. Prompt Legal Services can check all documentation relating to the purchase of property ensuring everything is considered including finance, fixtures and items that you believe to be staying when the vendor leaves and all special conditions that you require in the contract of sale

What is A Section 32

A Section 32 Vendors Statement is a disclosure document that provides potential buyers with certain information relating to your property.
Information contained in the Section 32 includes details on the title, zoning, council, rates, utilities, building permits, notices, restrictions, etc.

Our Purchase of Property Services include:

  • Perusal of contracts for you, together with a detailed explanation to you as to all matters affecting your property
  • Working with your financial institution to provide all necessary documents and stamp duty discounts once you have an approved loan
  • Arrange all searches and certificates
  • Preparation of transfers and all relevant documentation
  • Prepare statement of adjustments.
  • Attend settlement with your financial institution and vendor
  • Advise relevant authorities of acquisition
  • Organise keys and liaise generally with you or your agent regarding all matters related to your purchase.
  • We are a PEXA (Electronic settlement) Member.


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