Prompt Legal Services Pty Ltd offers a rewarding work environment for its employees with clear Careers goals and objectives for both the individual and the firm as a whole.

We act with INTEGRITY
We act with heightened moral values for your careers.
We are truthful in what we say and think with both peers and clients.
We adhere to the Australian legal conduct rules.

TEAMWORK is essential
We maintain respect for each other.
We feel part of a trusted group.
We foster collaboration to create synergy.

We promote individual accountability.
We promote individual proactivity.
We have trust in our own people.

We speak at the same level as our customer’s.
Customers are at the heart of everything we do.
Customer loyalty is of high value.

We achieve GROWTH
We are growth orientated.
In not only finance but in ideas, employee expertise and products.
We are Careers goal‐setters and achievers.

Training is an integral component ensuring that our team performance is always of the highest quality. Our firm’s motto is “legal services from people like you…” which steers us away from arrogance amongst our customers.

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We are pleased to announce that as of 1 July 2024, Prompt Legal Services and Gladstone Park Conveyancing have merged with Oakley Thompson & Co. This strategic move marks a new chapter in our endeavour to provide exceptional legal services for our clients.