Child Support

How child support is calculated, whether it is payable (and if so, how much), can be a complex issue and, for separated parents, one that is ongoing.

Child Support

In relation to child support, there are a number of factors to be considered following separation.

Whilst the Family Law Act (Cth) 1975 is relevant to most issues surrounding separation and children, the question of child support also has separate legislation which is quite complex.

Factors which affect the payment and calculation include a consideration of the respective incomes of the parties, the number of children, time spent by the children with each parent.

Every assessment will be different. Assessments can increase or decrease, depending on the changing circumstances of the parties.

In some instances, assessments can be based on other than a party’s taxable income.


If you wish to pursue an agreement with your ex-partner in relation to ongoing payments associated with the children, such as school fees, uniforms and books, dentistry and orthodontics, holidays and the like, we can provide advice on negotiating a binding child support agreement.

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