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Whether you are buying or selling a café, mechanic or gymnasium, Prompt Legal Services Pty. Ltd. is the legal firm that provides business sale lawyer to help you buy or sell a business in Victoria. You need to talk to a legal services Australia firm like ours to ensure you are covered from issues in a conveyance of a business that may be to your detriment.

If you are the vendor of a business, we will ensure a watertight contract of sale is prepared in accordance with the property law. We will liaise with your Bank, Accountant, landlord and business broker to ensure the smoothest transition possible is made to the purchaser.

If you are the purchaser of a business, we can check proposed contracts to ensure your business purchase is fair for your particular situation. Being a legal services Melbourne firm we will also ensure matters such as a valid continual commercial lease, trademarks and possibly a liquor license transfer is correctly done.

Additionally, being business sale lawyer we advise on the appropriate business structure for your entity.

“in summary, we know the important questions to ask you as a business sale lawyers.”

A fixed price fee may be negotiated at the onset of the matter. Call us to have a no-obligation chat with our business acquisition lawyer about your particular circumstance.

Business Purchase Lawyer Melbourne

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